mainpicEducation in the Czech Republic
and organization of public events
mainpicInternships for Czech doctors
and nurses in foreign countries
mainpicAre you one of those who are willing
to help people in need?
We consider it as our mission.
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in the Czech Republic

Who we are?

Czech Heart Foundation closely cooperates with leaders of Czech cardiology


Mission of the foundation

Are you one of those who are willing to help people in need? We consider it as our mission.


Help with us

Czech Heart Foundation transparently supports education of African medical students and efficiently assists to selected pediatric patients with congenital heart disease.



How do we help?

 All financial donations are invested into direct help in Africa and Nepal.


Successful operation of Suliman

13. 04. 2021
Suliman Miya Dhobi's successful operation cost approx. $ 5,057. This father of 5 children, a salesman in a chicken shop with a daily income of about $ 10, could never afford the operation on his own. We are glad that thanks to you, the supporters of the Nadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation and Proběhni.se, we can change human destinies in countries where health insurance does not exist. All honors to surgeons Kaushal Tiwari and Afroz Ansari for their skillfull hands and good heart.

Perfect surgery!

10. 04. 2021

We are very happy to inform you that the surgical procedure of Suliman Miya Dhobi went well yesterday! Our friend, dr. Kaushal Tiwari and dr. Afroz Ansari performed a double valve replacement in National medical College Birgunj in Nepal. The patient was already extubated and will remain on ICU till tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally another patient

07. 04. 2021

We could not refuse the possibility of helping with cardiac surgery for a 47-year-old man from Nepal with a post-rheumatic involvement of the Mi and Ao valves. His name is Suliman Miya Dhobi, he works in a small chicken meat shop, earn around 1000-1500 Npr (10 usd) per day and he needs to care of his family - wife, 4 daughters and youngest son. All are studying in government school. He is symptomatic for 7 to 8 years and was advised for surgery long back. He couldn't afford the surgery, but with

Nadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation and help of our Nepalese friend Kaushal Tiwari, he can!
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